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Wheelie Bin Cleaning

Wheelie Bin CleaningThe wheelie bin cleaning process is done on-site at your property inside our specially designed unit which is housed inside our vehicle.

The whole bin is lifted into the cleaning unit, where the outside of the wheelie bin, the inner and outer lid, wheels and most important of all - the stinky inside! are all treated to a thoroughly good wash.

The bin is then disinfected and deodorised using special bio-degradable chemicals then left at your property. Domestic cost is just £5 per clean every four weeks with a minimum of 6 cleans. That's 24 weeks of freshness for just £1.25 per week.

We can also offer a one-off clean outside of the 4-weekly cycle at a cost of £15. Contact us now for details.

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Commercial Bin Cleaning

commecial wheelie bin cleaningCommercial wheelie bins provide a convenient way to store refuse ready for collection although they can often give rise to offensive odours, maggots, flies and other pest nuisances.

Norfolk Clean-a-Wheelie has a solution to this ongoing problem.

Using our state of the art vehicle, specially designed for cleaning all types of wheelie bin, we can wash, disinfect and deodorise your commercial wheelie bin on-site. Contact us now for details.

Wheelie Bin Cleaning Equipment Sales

cleaning equipmentWe can supply the professional equipment needed to clean domestic and commercial wheelie bins.

Whether you need just the pressure washer, or a fully equipped and self contained van - we have the knowledge and experience to help.

Contact us now for details.